PyConAPAC 2014 Web Site Specification


Must Have

  • Registration
  • Proposals
    • Submission
    • Review
  • Information pages:
    1. About
    2. Tutorial
    3. Program
    4. Sprints
    5. Sponsors
    6. Venue
    7. News
  • Languages: English and Traditional Chinese.

Good to Have

  1. One site to handle registration and proposals submission. Therefore speakers don’t need to register twice.

  2. Integrated payment with the following kinds of tickets:

    kinds = ((early-bird, normal)
             * (student, normal, enterprise)
             * (ticket, ticket + tutorial))
    # Tutorials could be multiple and in different prices.
  3. Program team can easily change the program page to catch up-to-date changes. In 2012, this is system default. But in 2013, it needs web team to deploy changes.

  4. Organize videos and slides on program agenda.

  5. Add a Language: Japanese.

Lessons Learnt from 2013

  1. <What does this mean?> Use new code base.
  2. Payment flow should have been implemented at early stage.
  3. The linkage between program pages and speakers pages should have been done at early stage.
  4. The artistic style should be decided at early stage.

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